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The CNSCAN team often receives questions from customers. Including the performance indicators of the product itself, specific programs, product selection and many other issues.

We summarize most of the related and similar problems to make a problem collection. Customers can simply preview and find answers to their questions.

If you have more questions, you are welcome to communicate with us in time through email or telephone. We will try our best to reply to your questions and let you get a satisfactory answer.


The main function of the pressure distribution test system is to detect the pressure distribution on the surface of the object, and the main function of the weighing sensor is to detect the single point force of the object. One is the pressure of the test surface and the other is the pressure of the test point.


The measuring range of the pressure distribution test system is mainly pressure, ranging from 30Kpa to 50Mpa. Due to the different area, the range of the test force value can be adjusted according to the demand.


You need to provide the measurement range, available installation range, range and other information.


Under normal conditions, the sensor can display 52X44=2288 data.


Yes, the data for each point on the sensor is available in real time and saved for playback.


Up to 2000Hz is supported to capture data, and data files are stored synchronously.


The software can display 2D and 3D graphics, as well as original values. Please see the software introduction for specific functions.


The data collected by the software is in ASCII format by default, which can be saved into a format recognized by excel or Matlab software to facilitate users to carry out secondary processing.


The software supports WIN11,WIN10,WIN7 and other systems.


We provide API interfaces, or secondary development services.